Lower Chest Workout

Hey guys

Im having trouble with my lower chest. The rest of my chest is growing and looking well rounded, but my lower chest just doesn’t measure up. I’ve been doing decline bench and decline dumbells. What other exercises can i do to maximise growth?

Wide grip dips leaning forward with chin tucked and elbows wide…can be hard on the shoulders-so establish how low you can go without pain/being uncomfortable, before nailing the exercise for a few months…Try to establish a nice stretch in your pecs on each rep- if your shoulders allow it.

Add weight/ reps every time-progression is key as always…

If you have gained significant strength in chest exercises and noticed good size gains and your lower pec area still lag in your opinion then maybe you are just not genetically inclined to have a big lower chest. These things can be very subjective however and some pics are always nice…

ok great thx, ill def give that a try and see what happens !!!

will post pics soon.

Some ideas…

First, make sure you have the overall mass in your chest to even be worrying about Upper or Lower development. If you still need overal chest mass, keep working exercises such as dips (weighted or un-weighted), DB presses (Flat, Incl, dec), bench press (not my personal fav for chest development, but a good mass move), Hammer strength chest equipment (if you have access)…etc.

Once you have the mass that is needed (which you may already), then you can start concentrating on upper, lower regions etc… What I personally like to do is hit the entire chest with 1 or 2 large basic moves (like the ones from above) and then hit it with a couple isolation moves. For the lower chest I like forward scoop flyes, cable crossovers, decline flyes, and hammer strength lower pec iso lateral machine.

Hopefully that helps a little,