Lower Chest Fat, Body Fat %, and Supplements

Hi Gents, first post here but I have been coming to these forums and this site for a good 5 yrs now. Now before someone tells me to use the search button, I can assure you that I have done so and found some useful info which I’ll add into this post. I’m 33 yrs old, 6 feet tall, 195 and very active (weight training, hockey, martial arts).

I have (and have always had) excess chest fat in the lower chest. I incline pressed for years with little change. I am actually noticing that the way my chest is built, I can see upper pec development, it is just that I have a rather broad chest and shoulders with a lot of the muscle concentrated in the lower half. It is rock hard when i flex it and I can barely pinch anything. However when relaxed, there is just that bit of shape there that bugs the $hit out of me.

program - I circuit train with relatively heavy weight: squat, chins, presses, clean and press, dips,barbell hacksquats etc. I get fast intense workouts that drive my heart rate up. Also use elastics for concentration work. (rear delts etc…)

supplements- Having read that this might be a sign of zinc deficiency, I am starting ZMA. Cruciferous vegetables I understand help the blocking of bad estrogens so I am back on to veggie greens (8 servings of cruciferous veggies in a scoop). Multi vitamin - check.

Diet- Trying to cut the starchy carbs. Eat more brown rice over potatoes(lower GI), avocado, olive oil, greens with meals. I eat a lot of pork and chicken as i am not as much a beef guy. I do admit that I eat pasta once or twice a week (lunch or dinner) and eat a good sized meal at folk’s place once a week but generally speaking i find i eat reasonable portions and am rarely stuffed. I currently do not take any protein shakes.

My bodyfat (though on an electric scale and likely not very accurate) was 20%. I’m thinking now that I might try to cut this to 15% and see if anything changes.Maybe cut the carbs after 5 pm too. Am I on the right track here? I need carbs for energy as most of my sports are in the evenings.I don’t need to be an adonis but would be great to get rid of this. Suggestions welcome. Thanks!

Either cut out most of the carbs and deal with having a bit less energy for a while, or suck it up and deal with the way your body looks. Or, you can just cut down the calories each day.

Well as you stated the storing of body fat in the chest area normally means an excess of estrogen. So I would really look into your diet and see if you are eating foods that may be encouraging the excess estrogen. (For example Soy or even dairy has shown in some study’s to increase estrogen production)

You talked about “I incline pressed for years with little change” ----> this wont help in reducing body fat on your chest. There is no such thing as Spot Fat removal (There are topical, transdermal creams with yohimbine like abfx but I think those things don’t really do a thing.) If you want to get rid of the fat then lower your calories and only have carbs prior to your sporting activities.

Btw if its around your niple area and is tender to touch you may have gyno, though I doubt it. Its more than likely just fat that needs to be dieted off.

Good luck man

Dairy too eh? I cut my milk intake significantly over the last few months but I’m Italian so i love my cheeses and yogurt. In fact growing up we would eat a lot of cheese. Soy I have cut out years ago having read about it but in a lot of processed foods I think in the contents you see it worked in. I think i might try to plan the carbs around the sporting events.

I’ve already switched to rye bread in most cases too. Not perfect, but better than white or whole wheat which ends up being mixed with white flour either way. I think an increase in healthy fats would prob help too. I’ll track my progress and see how it goes. I think i might be where i want to be if i hit 185-190.

Cutting bodyfat from ~25% to ~15% eliminated my man boob tendencies with no other special changes other than eating better and training.

Try that first.