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Lower Carlories Mean Strength Loss?

Summer is coming up so I am about to start a meal plan to help me lose a little bit of fat. I weigh a/b 210 right now at 5’10. I dont have much b/f to lose I just don’t plan to continue eating like I am bulking all summer.

Anyhow what I am wondering is I plan on keeping my protein intake at about 250 grams a day. I would also like to stay around 2500-3000 clean cals, maybe even a little less.

Will lowering my calories have any effect on strength loss or mass loss as long as I keep my protein up, or should I try to keep the calories higher? During my bulk I was hitting around 5000 cals a day and about 320 grams of protein.

I wouldn’t count on setting too many PRs while lowering your calories.

If you feel you’re losing too much strength/mass, then up the calories a bit.

You really just have to play with the numbers to find what works best for you.