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Lower Carb Breakfast?

Well, im trying to keep my carbs below or around 100g however i usually use oatmeal as a staple and a few packets of oatmeal is already well over 75% my intake just on breakfast and of course having eggs pretty much everyday poses its own problem. Any ideas on lower carb breakfasts that get the job done?

[quote]Rookie21 wrote:
a few packets of oatmeal is already well over 75% my intake just on breakfast

Don’t tell me you’re eating the pre-packaged Quaker trash?

If so, toss it out and get some 100% Whole oats (it comes in 2kg bags for a couple bucks)

3/4 cup of whole oats is only 20g carbs, which is only 25% of your total allowable intake. The packaged stuff is filled with sugar and crap that aint too good for you.

I believe quaker old fasioned oats(the ones that come in a cylinder) have 27g of carbs for 1/2c uncooked oats. Don’t have the oats that comes in packetes…there are extra preservatives in those packetes.

As far as eggs having problems, I am not sure what you are talking about. If you are concerned about the fat of the yolks just have 1 whole egg and 4-5 egg whites. The egg white has about 15-20 calories and 3-5g of protein. BTW, the fat is yolks is good fat…just don’t have like 3 a day.

Try the Southbeach Diet web site. Look at the recipe/food area. Some of the posts have links to other sites that have good recipe ideas. Regardless of what you may think of the diet, the recipes are worth looking at. also try doing a search on some of the
other popular diets and look at their recipes too. You can also modify the recipes for your nutritional needs.

Try cooking one half of a cup of steel cut oats and stirring in a tbsp or two of flaxseed and a scoop of protein powder. That is a pretty quick, cheap, and lower carb breakfast.
If you are hardcore low carb there is always eggs scrambled with cheese and low carb veggies.