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Lower calories & training

During a cutting cycle say like the Fat Fast or whatever what would be the point of resistance traing? Wouldn’t that just aid in tearing down muscle faster? I don’t see how training could preserve muscle.

The primary reason for training while dieting is to send a signal to your body that it needs to keep the muscle. If you didn’t work out then you’d lose half of your weight in muscle guaranteed. And if you tried the fat fast without weight training you’d come out of it with some serious muscle loss. Also working out helps to speed up your metabolism and burn calories in general of course.

Basically by placing stress on the muscles you’re telling the body ‘Shit, don’t get rid of the muscles…I need them!’. resistance training preserves lean body mass on a diet

Well I do plan to work out on low calories.I guess what I was trying to ask is what kind of workout would be best,heavy-low reps or lighter-higher reps more of a pump.I plan on “cutting” for the next three to four weeks and I’ll post whatever I decided on,sucsessful or unsucsessful