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Lower Body WS4SB III


Hey guys, I have been lifting on and off for the past year and a half. Seven weeks ago I started the WS4SBIII and have made tremendous progress in all my lifts. For my ME lower body exercise, I had chosen deadlifts and box squats. I alternate these every 2 weeks. After having completed 4 sessions of deadlifts I have decided to discontinue them because I just cannot get the form right and I know I will seriously injure my back. Maybe I will do deadlifts at a later stage, but as for now I am staying away from them. Something in my lower back has gotten messed up, I can feel it.

I was thinking of replacing them with good mornings for max effort. Do you think this is a good idea? Will I benefit from these? I know how beneficial deadlifts are; the first time I saw a huge change in size was when I started deadlifting.

What would you peoples recommendations?


Do the good mornings. You can also do box squats to different heights, free squats, and front squats. You should have more than two ME movements anyways.

Keep working on the DL until you have it down, then rotate it back in.


If he cant get deadlift technique right free squats might be the best choice for him..

thats the lovelyness of the box squat technique is almost eminent without the big problems..

goodmornings and romanian deadlifts could be for you though ? they are not so hard to teach either ? else get a personal trainer for an hour he should be able to teach you the deadlift to the point where you wont get injured.


Have you tried two lower body days with weight? If you aren't an athlete in season I recomend it. It worked well for me, and one of my friends.

ME upper:
Flat bb bench press to max single, double, triple
tricep extensions
seated rows
military press

-hang clean-deadlift
-single leg squats

RE upper
RE bench 95,115,135,155,185 etc
pullups 3xmax
curls 3x10
push press

-box/front/back squat to max
-single leg squas


So if I am doing hang cleans, deadlifts and single leg squats on a day other than my usual ME day of box squats/ good mornings, step ups, pull throughs?
Will this not over train me? And how much weight should I be using for this? Not maxing out right?


It shouldn't. drop the single leg sqats from the pull day if you want, or the hang cleans. "overtraining" is a state that happens over a long period of time. You're hitting lower body hard twice a week, which is usually optimal. You're hitting upper body with one heavy day and one lighter day. The amount of work is fine. Make sure you're eating a lot.


Sounds good. I will try it out. Thanks for the tip!


You can try sumo deadlifts - they place less stress on lower back. I did them, loved them and after a while tried conventional deadlift again - my back was fine this time.