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Lower Body Workout Form Critique

Here’s the next part of my whole trying “Critique my form”. Everything from 12-16-08. Also, if you could check out my deadlift too from last week, that would be great. http://www.youtube.com/user/djsm028

Also, if you can tell me a better way of putting down the bar after a power clean, that would be appreciated. I kind of had to just let it drop. And would doing singles over 90% work for power cleans?

Powercleans: Yeah, that’s how you put’em down. If you had bumper plates you could drop it, but you don’t.

Form looked okay, your set up is good, you’re pulling at the right time (bar right above your knees) but it looks like you’re pulling more with your back than your hips. It’s really hard to teach this in person, much less over an internet forum, but the best advice I can give you is to keep your back the same angle to the floor as in your set-up until your legs are almost at lockout. THEN thrust with your hips and pull with your traps.

Deadlift: Looked fine. Good weight.

Thanks Otep. I appreciate it. How do the box squats look?

It’s fine.

Really, the squat is not something where you worry about technique (unless you’re Aragorn… but he can good morning more than I can deadlift, so there you have it).

Is the weight on your heels?

Did you go down far enough?

These are the things I drill into peoples heads when I’m teaching them to squat. If you get those two… almost all the rest is natural.