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Lower Body "Undertraining"? Add More Work?



For last 2month i was using 3/5/1 scheme, with success. But I have concerns that I “undertraining” lower body.
Compared with others my lower body plan is low/moderate volume, my strength continues to slowly increase but I feel very fresh all the time. I must admit that my recovery is really good, 8-10h of sleep, big calories surplus, easy desk job, massages. And because of that I think I should do more work per week for lower body.

Here is my last 3/5/1 week

Few notes first

  • Main goal - Strength
  • I always try to focus and push PR set very hard
  • 1-3 Joker sets of triples or doubles after pr sets

Deadlift day MAX - 590lbs


100%x3 Joker set

3x5 75% FSL
AB wheel 5x12

Squat day MAX - 490lbs


100%x3 Joker set
105%x3 Joker set

3x5 75% FSL
AB wheel 5x12

What do you think? Should i add something more?

I exercise in the garage so I have limited equipment: Bench, rack, barbell, dumbbells, few bands.


Those are some pretty high training maxes, if I was all the way up there and still making progress I’d be happy. Is the problem you’re not progressing what you think to be fast enough or you just want to feel shittier? Right now it sounds like the problem is you feel good and are making progress… If you seem to be plateauing there’s always the leaders/anchors approach out there to add more volume for 2 cycles and taper it off for 1.


The problem is that I think I do not train optimal. Yes im making progress, but I think I can do it even faster. Dont get me wrong, I am not a person who is impatient and want everything now.

I can handle all my current lower body workload and properly recover from it very easy So this tells me that I should increase my overall lower body work.

Another thing that tells me I should add more work, is a review of my current plan, I am doing only 6-9sets of squating and 6-9 sets of deadlifting per week, and that’s all for my lower body work per week

And if I decide to add more work, I do not know what option is better

  1. Push myself and do more squats/deadlifts
  2. Add 1-2 assistance movement per workout.

My weakness is posterior chain, from the weakest - hamstrings,lower back, glutes



Enjoy the fresh feeling while getting stronger and being strong.


I don’t think you should change anything; the goal of training is being met AND you aren’t worn out. You literally hit the Training Lottery but are throwing away the winning ticket.


Believe in the program.

Your mantra for the month.