Lower Body Training, by Jason Brown

This is a comprehensive guide containing the most scientifically proven strategies for increasing lower body size, strength, and power. Jason Brown, a program design expert and T Nation contributor who has worked with CrossFit affiliates and strength and conditioning facilities around the world, shares his innovative programs for a variety of different training goals, ranging from increased lower body size and strength to improved athletic performance.

Lower Body Training offers dozens of options for developing all the muscles of the lower body. The exercises are organized by the movement patterns they target—quad dominant, hip dominant, isolation, and plyometric—and feature variations based on the equipment you have available without sacrificing results. You will also find recommendations for selecting a balance of exercises to maximize effectiveness and reduce lower back pain and other potential overuse or acute injuries.

Lower Body Training includes programs using maximal, submaximal, and dynamic training methods. The programs—categorized by beginner, intermediate, or advanced—target specific goals such as hypertrophy, strength, or athletic performance. Plus, there are variations for making staple exercises even more effective.

Whether your goal is increased lower body size and strength or improved athletic performance, Lower Body Training has the tools to help you get there. Check it out.

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