Lower Body Routine

so basically here is my routine - i workout 5 times a week, or six, lower body one day and upper body the other. my diet is simple - basically i eat 1g of protein per lb of body weight per day while still eating all my servings of fruits and veggies and lots of water (no more pop! havent had one in half a year) plus lots of sleep each night.

ive made decent amounts of gains in the short period of time ive been working out. (6months) HOWEVER, the only thing i am not consistant with is my lower body routine.

and you and i and everyone on this forum knows you cant make gains wihtout consistency

so i was just wanting a lower body routine (lower back, glutes, quads, calfs, hamstrings, flexors…) something simple that gets all those muscle groups (especially calves)and builds bulk. not looking for definition.

thanks - ps i did a search before i posted this, didnt find anything… soooooo i dont think there is a duplicate of this anywhere.

Do 2 workouts, call them A and B. Alternate the 2 each time you work lower body.

Back Squat
Romanian Deadlift
Whatever else you want

Front Squat
Whatever else you want


I’m not sure what you’re looking for but here’s what I do.

Monday - Back Squats, deadlift or variation on deadlift. Then I pick some assistance exercises, usually reverse hyper and GHR and sometimes good mornings.

Thurs - Snatch, cleans, front squats. Then I pick some assistance exercises, overhead squats, reverse hyper, GHR, good mornings.

There are a ton of variations such as using SLDLs, rack pulls, single legs squats, ect…