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Lower Body Routine Critique


Hey guys, i have been thinking alot about which lower body routine progression strategy i should apply to my training, i have been reading alot about powerlifting lately (shifted from bodybuilding) but i am not so much into this stuff yet. But this is the routine i have come up with so please anyone critique :slightly_smiling:

Lowerbody tuesday :
Back squat (highbar oly style), work up to a heavy triple in 3 - 5 sets :

Split squats : 3 x 6 - 8

Rdl or rack pull : 3 x 6- 8

Leg curls : 3 x 8

Lower body friday :

Deadlift work up to a heavy triple in 3 - 5 sets

front squat 3 x 5 - 6 reps

glute ham raises 3 x 6 - 8

work this way for 4 weeks then deload for 1 week


If you don't have much experience with this, why not just follow a tried and true program instead of making your own? 5/3/1 until you learn how to properly program westside? Just a thought.


I agree with LM. Especially since you have made a transition to this sport, I would got with a program like 5/3/1 or WS4SB. Take the time to learn what your body needs before you decide yourself.


While you can certainly use one of those programs mentioned above, it doesn't look like a bad routine necessarily and you can certainly make gains as long as you are pushing yourself. Many people have become very strong without using Westside or Wendler's programs.


No where did I say you couldn't make gains not using a W program. It's obvious though if he is just transitioning to this, the fact that he says rack pull or RDL (two extremely different movements), as well as the fact that he's training bodypart in essence instead of by movement (usual differences in bb vs pl), than it's obvious he should learn how things affect him and how to program instead of trying to make his own. Just my 2 cents.


So...what is your actual goal?

Do you want bodybuilding legs or do you want to lift heavy ass weight?


Hey guys, thanks alot for your replys, i have been looking into the westside barbell and i personally dont like it. The 531 program looks pretty solid and if my own program is not working for me i will maybe try that one out. Dixiesfinest : My goal is raw strength, currently my 1rm for oly squat is 345 and deadlift 440 pounds, do you think my lowerbody program is to hypertrophy/high rep oriented ?


Sorry, my comment wasn't meant to be confrontational in any way. You're right, I think a lot of lifters might be best suited to just hop into Wendlers program as opposed to dick around with all sorts of half assed routines (I think you made a compilation of that one guy's 9 threads in 7 day time frame creating his own program....) so they can start somewhere. Actually doing the lifting is the most important part, as opposed to all the hours of thought in overthinking routine design. And starting with a well designed program could create a good base from which a lifter can venture out from with time as they experience what works for them.

On the other hand, I had great success just through trial and error piecing together my own program over the years. What resulted from all that, however, and is very interesting, is a program very similar to a 5/3/1 (without percentages, but same general wave progression of max lifts) with a BBB or triumverate template. So I suppose I could have saved myself a lot of time and just started there, and maybe would be farther along now then I am, but nonetheless, I have plenty of experience with a whole lot of exercises and am fairly in touch with what works for me, what needs work, and what I should leave behind all together.