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Lower Body Recovery

I need help programming my squats and deadlifts.

I’m having a difficult time recovering from 5’s PRO with FSL for my lower body lifts. Right now I squat/deadlift/squat - M/W/F.

With warmups, the work sets (including a PR set), and then dropping the weight back down to 5x5, I’m shot. It’s about 60 reps by the end of it all.

I’m simply having a really hard time recovering from this much volume. I still want to be able to lift lower body each session, but I think I need a different scheme. Should I deload a day, run just a 5/3/1, just 5’s PRO with no FSL or maybe even just throw squats and deadlifts on the first day together and then just squat again on Friday?

I’m a beginner and doing this as of now:

Day 1: 5’s PRO/5x5 FSL
Rows 100 reps
Chins, Pushups, Dips 25 reps/each

Day 2: 5’s PRO/5x5 FSL
Rows 100 reps
Chins, Pushups, Dips 25 reps/each

Try following one of Jim’s templates. The beyond book has several templates that would let you work lower body each session at 3 days a week. I used 531 for a beginner, which can be found on Jim’s website, for almost a year and made great progress. Hope that helps.

As I wrote yesterday, in this very forum:

"Here are the only things you need to really concentrate on regarding recovery. The rest is pretty much window-dressing:

  1. Don’t train like an asshole - your training must match your schedule/stress levels.
  2. Diet- eat for performance. Develop great habits that will carry over to your entire life. If all you can do is “cut” and “bulk”, you have learned nothing useful. And in fact, are now part of the problem.
  3. Sleep - this is a no brainer but you get no points for being part of the Only 5 Hours Sleep Braggarts.
  4. Movement - if anyone is part of the Wendler Forum, you know the training program now consists of movement training that takes care of soreness and (basically everything else). For me, this was most significant change I’ve made in last 10 years.

So in conclusion, If you don’t have 2,3,4 at around 90% compliance, you better be smart with #1. This is where 99% of people fuck up: they got champagne training and shitty beer habits. "

Here is your answer: make it happen.