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Lower Body Recovery; Broken Foot


I have 2 small fractures (talus and metarsus), as well as bruised ankle in my left foot. Inmovilization is removed on aug 30, I hope that day I start my recovery but who knows.

My upper body work is no big deal when I start again. My concern is obviously how to start with lower body work again. My right calf is getting stronger almost everyday for obvious reasons.

I'd like to know how to maximize recovery and minimize risks to be at 100% again,

thanks in advance.


Upper body: When I start again? Please do not tell me that you are not doing a thing for training upper body. Even in the lower body you can train; in the healthy side there is nothing that stops you, as well as always the priority is the safety of the injured leg. But even in the injured leg you can work your knee and hip muscles. Go get a good sports med and a integral rehab plan.


Thanks bro, I think the conventional mexican doctor advice is to rest, but you know the lazy stereotype... My common sense and my body are telling me to workout even right now, and me and I'm sure many here have developed the ability to listen to their bodies, so I agree.