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Lower Body ME vs Percentages

For my summer lifting program I’m using the Westside Template (3 days with one flotaing day). What I wanted some input on was whether or not I should use lower body max effort exercises (i.e. various deadlifts, differnet squats) or use a cycle/wave to train just my squat (based off prilepin’s chart). My reasoning is that we don’t test the deadlift, and I fear that if I go that long without doing any type of regular squats than I won’t be ready to test in for camp come August.

Ok, I just thought of something else that I may be able to do. Could I possibly just use varations of the squat for all of my ME lift? Something like this: Front Squats, Box Squats, Zerchers (would this be any good for football players?), Free Squats, Manta Ray Box Squats,

I don’t see why you would go a long time without squating with westside, actually you should be squating every week on DE Day.

Also you can really focus on the squat by using different variations. Read the articles at elitefts there are several specific layouts for football programs.

case in point: from Davidson College Football Program

Max Effort Squat

Week 1 ? Work up to a 5RM on free squat
Week 2 ? Work up to a 1RM on a box squat (parallel)
Week 3 ? Work up to a 3RM on a free squat
Week 4 ? Work up to a 1RM on a front box squat (parallel)
Week 5 ? Work up to a 1RM on a Zercher squat
Week 6 ? No ME work

After the main max effort movement, the following was done;

? 1 exercise for the hamstrings (Romanian deadlift or glute ham raise) ? 3x10

? Box jumps ? 3x5

? 1 exercise for the lower back (back extensions, good mornings, pull-throughs) ? 3x10

? 1 weighted abdominal exercise. This was usually weighted sit-ups ? 3x10

I rarely ME on squat. But I always squat (varying the stances) on DE day. I find that my squat has improved significantly by working GMs and other intensive low-back exercises. But that is my weakness. The key to WS is to find your weakness and attack it. I suggest doing that on ME day, and leave DE for speed and technique.