Lower Body Jumps Alternatives


I have a lower back injury that has stopped me from sprinting and im pretty sure jumps will aggravate it too .

Are there any best alternatives to lower body jumps and sprints ?

Many thanks Aaron

Well, I see a few alternatives, but some might also aggravate the lower back so it depends on how bad it is.

  • Stationary bike sprints (or air bike), low to moderate resistance (but not so little that you over spin when trying to go all out) for sets of 6-12 seconds all out, with full rest between sets (so up to 3 minutes, but more likely 2)

  • Dynamic effort squat (à la Westside) using a lot of 50-60% lifted with as much speed as possible

  • Power snatch or power clean from the hang, using moderate loads with a focus on speed

  • Band resisted jumps: attach light resistance bands to a dumbbell on each side of you then strap them over your shoulders (like a backpack) and jump. The bands will prevent you from jumping very high which will reduce the shock upon impact

  • Trap bar “power shrug”. Holding a trap bar with around 30-40% of your max. Dip down as if you were doing a vertical jump and “stand up fast, as fast as you can”, finish the move on your toes (heels off the floor) and keep the weight progress up on it’s momentum by allowing a shrug

Thanks for the quick reply.

Would you say medicine ball throws can be used for exsplosive lower body like overhead throw for height / distance ect are a good replacement ?


We (basketball and rugby) use MB throws as substitutes for jumps in athletes with knee and ankle issues all the time. Personally, I highly recommend it.

That said, some athletes do find that their LBP may flare up with jumps. However, if MB work feels fine on your back, it won’t cause any damage


@bigyinn1984 depending on your lower back, prowler/sled pushes may be a good alternative. likewise, using a harness or belt so you can pull the sled while still moving forward may be a good option - considering jumps are explosive and positive-only, like prowler work.


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