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Lower Body Imbalance

Hey guys,

I know my body is full of imbalance,s and I think I know how to work on the upper body ones. However, my lower body always scares me a little bit as I’m not sure whether the problems are self-inflicted or whether there’s nothing I can do about them. So here are some symptoms:

  • everytime I sit I notice my right knee is further forward and also higher than the left knee. I’m not sure whether it means my right leg is longer, or if it’s an imbalance I can correct.

  • my right leg as a whole appears to have more bow to it than my left leg, which is straighter.

  • after long runs my right hip sometimes hurts, but not my left hip.

  • I have already gotten a little hurt twice in the left hip area while deadlifting, the right side has had no problems. It was the same “injury” both times, on the left side, slightly lower than the lower back, but higher than the glutes.

  • my ankles make “cracking” noises regularly when I walk.

Any thoughts?

I definitely recommend that you do a search on T-Nation and read up on some of Chad Waterbury’s programs. They have definitely helped me a ton.