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Lower Body Exercises with Umbilical Hernia


I just recently suffered an umbilical hernia while doing deadlifts (not diagnosed by a doctor, but my wife is a PA). This is not the first time I've had one, but I plan on it being the last. That is why I have decided to drop deadlifts and squats from my training. The only problem is that I've always used those exercises as staples for my lower body workouts.

Now I'm not sure what exercises to perform for lower body that does not produce alot of abdominal pressure. I tried a leg workout today, but it just felt wrong not doing the main lower body lifts. I do plan on getting a power belt to help with the situation, but any advice on what exercises I should perform would be greatly appreciated.


single-leg rdl's, lunges, split squats, step ups


Thanks. I'll give those a shot. I'm geussing I should probably stay in the 12-16 rep range on all lower body lifts also.


Can't say I like those with an umbilical hernia... or any heavy lower body exercise. To maintain a neutral spine with any lower body exercise, your core should be contracting nicely to increase intraabdominal pressure. I don't know how severe your hernia is... but I wouldn't risk a rupture at all unless massive surgery is your goal.


It is a small hernia (nickle sized), but I am worried about it b/c of its location. I am scheduled for surgery in the morning to repair it. I will not be able to lift for at least 6 weeks.

The abdominal pressure associated with lower body exercises is what has me concerned. I'm not sure what lower body exercises can be performed without increasing too much intra-abdominal pressure. I'd hate to be one of those guys with a huge upper body & legs like a chicken.


I would be interested to hear what you decide to do. I had umbilical hernia surgery a month ago & have just started training again yesterday. I quit seriously lifting about a year & a half ago to concentrate more on my sport, but have been thinking of picking it back up. Now I'm not so sure.


Ah, so you are getting surgery. Sounds like a perfect thing to ask your doctor about... ya know, if heavy lifting is okay. I would think that surgery would solve that problem once the hole heals completely, but then again, I'm not a surgeon.


Sorry about no responses, I've been lazy for the past week. I got the surgery for my hernia, and the doctor is telling me that I can't lift more than 15lbs. for 6 weeks. This is terrible. It looks like I'm going to be stuck with the cardio machines and maybe some band work for a while. I'm guessing I could slowly increase my poundages over the course of a year to get back into the heavier lifting, but should probably stay in the 6-8 rep range to prevent another injury.