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Lower Bicep/Upper Forearm Pain from BJJ

For about 3 years now, I’ve been suffering from random, short-term pain in my lower bicep/upper forearm (and even part of my elbow) pain. On very bad days, the pain extends up the side of my arm and I can feel soreness between my bicep and tricep. Usually, the day after the pain initially comes on, the affected area is very tender to the touch. This pain comes and goes, no rhyme or reason to it, but when it hits, it is excruciating - like, can’t even hold up a 16oz bottle of water and on the edge of tears pain.

The pain is mainly concentrated on my left arm, lower outside part of the bicep - when I dig my thumb in there and roll it around, it feels like a giant knot or inflamed tendon or something. My usual therapy (which I’m currently doing now) is taking 600mg of ibuprofen every 8 hours and icing for 20min on/20 min off when I get home from work. I’m doing drill work at BJJ now and am not going to attempt a live roll for at least a week.

I’ve seen 2 doctors about this and each have given me the bland “RICE treatment and never do again what you’re doing to get rid the pain.” After doing some research, I’ve found that I’m not alone with this problem, but it’s rather painful this time around (like I’ve been hit in the arm with a baseball bat) and each recurrence of this pain seems to be worse than the last. Is it tendonitis? A tear? Something else? What would some of you recommend for a treatment plan to heal quicker and/or remove this problem?

Thank you.

Have you gotten an answer to this posting. I’m going thru it right now. The last two days after rolling the pain in my bicep and elbow is insane. It last for about an hour. The pain drains me I can’t even think. So please if you resolved ur problem let me know. Like u I’m currently just doing the drills and watching everyone one else roll. Thank you.

I’m going thru the same agonizing pain. It last for about an hour and a half. Have you found a solution?

I’ve had the same pain, it feels like it’s in the bone between the biceps and triceps. My chiropractor used trigger point treatment with needles and it’s helped me. Very painful when the needles go in and it feels like electric shocks thru the arms, but it did it for me.

I got the problems from too much chins and high pulls in a period and both my brachialis and brachioradialis were pretty painful and inflamed for a while…I also had to treat my biceps this way, and that’s even worse than getting tattooed… :wink:

I still feel it at times if doing heavy curls and even when pressing heavy, but a treatment every now and then helps a lot.