lower bicep mass

can someon give a intense, effective workout that concentrates on my lower biceps, i have good peak but i want more mass down around my elbow. thanks

Umm, go see your doctor and ask him to cut your tendon a bit shorter and reattach your bicep closer to the insertion.

In all seriousness, outside of just getting much bigger biceps all around, there isn’t that much you can do.

There is no “lower biceps”. If you have a long tendon and short head, you can’t do jack shit about it.

If you really want to try to bring it up, try lots of preacher curls, or try them backwards on a preacher bench, arms on the vertical part.

You have it or you don’t

Go read Charles Poliquin’s biceps article in one of the early issues of T-mag. He basically recommends working the brachialis (sp) using reverse curls, scott curls, hammer curls and some forearm exercises to make the “lower biceps” grow.


Reverse curls, hammer curls