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Lower Belly Protruding from Anabolics?

Hi guys,

I’m about 10% body fat visable abs etc,

My lower stomach pretrudes, like its muscle there and visable abs but my abs at the bottom really stick out much further than my top half almost giving me a pot belly unless I suck it in. Is this down to anabolics? I don’t train abs also maybe this could be the issue?
I don’t use hgh. Only tren/clen/winny/test I’ve cycled with.

Protruding belly sounds more like gut health than musculature or AAS usage.


I got this too. I always thought it’s a posture or musculature problem. The first thing you should look for is if you got anterior pelvic tilt. That happens when your erector spinae muscles are way stronger then your ass and your abs.
Second thing is if you always let it hang. But actually I never thought of it as bad because I got a full sixpack and my abs look nice when I tuck my belly in.
But I got comments in the past when I was in a shirt and got asked if I had gained weight when I hadn’t because my belly was sticking out. I think we should train more abs buddy. I for my part hate ab training with a passion.

Cheers for all replies guys. I’ve looked into it a bit more and I do believe I have the tilt. Ribs slightly stick out (genetics) but my lower baxk is quite arched. I’ve also noticed I have digestion problems while on cycle. I don’t know what this is down to I assume the oral winny. I take 50mg oral winny and also inject 50mg. Alongside tren and test. I do find it very hard to digest and have stomach pain later on in day after eating food. Any suggestion for this? I carb cycle also if that has any help.

You end up looking like Hank Hill.


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Still want to see pics…

I have the same thing going on. Don’t really notice it unless I’m on a cycle. I wonder what causes it? I have visible abs also. Maintain 12 or 13% bf

Thought about shooting some for you Shaw but there’s good pics on google with anterior pelvic tilt, no need to strip down for you this time.
I don’t think in really have it as severely as hank anyways

There is nothing to see in a photo. It’s not obvious unless I point it out but it’s there. It’s hard on my lower abs. I don’t know if it’s just bloating or something else.

Pretty much why I wanted to see and what I was expecting. I bet its 99% in your head my man. We all have aspects we don’t like about our bodies but most will never notice.

Do you do any direct ab exercises? Most trainers don’t these days, thinking they get enough from compound exercises.

I don’t no mate, Just work the abs from compounds.

To add I’m also very bloated. I get this when I’m on cycle and I don’t know why. Also thinking maybe could be onions? I eat a lot of onions with my chicken and rice to add some…taste

I went through this when I developed an allergy to psyllium, which I had taken daily for many years. Tried EVERYTHING with no changes. Then I went on vacation and didn’t have it for a week and came back flat as a board. Then I put it together and stopped taking it and have had no issues since. It could definitely be something you’re eating. I’d start with that.

That’s your problem. I do this too and the rector muscles get tight and stronger than the abs that way.

This plays definitely a part (even though I think a small part) I dont think it’s onions though.