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Lower Back?


Is it okay to squat and dead lift on the same day? i do both for my lower body workout, and i dont work my lower back on upper body day

im doing a two day split monday upper tuesday lower thurs upper friday lower again with the weekend off

i definantly feel it in my lower back when im squatting heavy and i also feel it in my lower back when dead lifting but i dont believe it to be a injured sort of sensation just a wel worked sensation

what do you guys think?


I do pretty much the same workout, but on different days.

I definitely have no problems squatting and DL-ing on the same day. One thing I do is, and this was a training tip a while back, is prioritize. One of my lower body days I'll squat first, the other I'll DL first. Seems to help one of the two from becoming a weak part of my routine, as I would probably always squat first, it's my favorite.

I have always believed that working your back/lower back is better on your lower body days than your upper body days. I'm no expert though, I just know what works for me.


If you can keep good form, you can do them both. But I would rotate them. Do the squats first in one week, and dl first the next.

If you can't keep good form, then do fewer sets, or replace squats with legpresses.


It's just fine to work the same muscle-group twice in the same workout. In fact, it's rather beneficial.

However, I'd recommend squatting first, before deadlifting, since squatting is a bit more risky than DL-ing. That way your posterior chain will be 'fresh' for squatting, and you can really pound the hell out of it with the deadlifting.


It's fine as long as you have good form. I like to do that. I also like squats/GM, and DL/GM. Although which one you put first depends on which one you want to gain the most in. They're both so draining that it's best to pick one to improve the most and do it first.