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Lower Back

My lower back is lagging behind the rest of my body. I’ve started doing deadlifts the past month or so, but I never seem to get sore in the back from them. But i do feel it in the hamstrings/glutes. Am i doing them wrong or something? I thought they were really supposed to work your lower back the most.

It’s getting to the point where i look funny from the side because my lower back isnt as thick as my upper back. Not to mention my lower back ahs been a source of pain for me throughout my lift.

So what other lower back exercises do you guys recommend? I couldn’t seem to find any with search.

Try some rounded back GM’s and rounded back stiff legged deads. Be sure you go lighter when letting your back round as to not injure your self. Like any new movement progress slowly concentrating on form.

Those two should help.


Because of a badly broken back (a 1978 airplane crash), I made a religion out of straight-leg deadlifts for several years. I now augment my deadlifts and olympic pulls with an occasional “burnout” set of 5-8 deadlifts, standing on a 10cm/4" platform, with straps. Each rep is done to a dead-stop at the floor (no bouncing). You gotta be damn-well warmed-up before going heavy, using no more than your 5-rep max, in either of these exercises. They aren’t the safest exercises in the gym, and, as you approach your absolute max, they become unreasonably dangerous. However, they work your lower back very well.
Strength & courage,
“Coach Joe”

go on with deadlifts, once a week. Prioritize them. Whenever possible try to add 5% more weight. You may find a workout containing deadlifts and the other productive exercises suggested by Phill in previous issues No 227, workout 3, by Ian King.