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lower back

I wonder if anyone had any ideas of a alternative exercise for reverse hyper extensions or and other exercises to strength the lower back nad core muscles.


deadlifts, squats bent over rows, woodchops standing or kneeling, reverse woodchops standing or kneeling, the plank exercises etc. Just read all of the t-mag articles. It is so simple. I try not to say too many positive things, but this is by far the best website I have ever come across. The information is awesome, writers really know their shit and post on here and the members are so much more knowledgeable here than any other forum. No othe rplace comes close. I came across this site a month or so ago when searching for articles from poliquin. Since then I have spent every spare moment reading over the articles. I suggest starting with the oldest ones as many articles refer back. Read, read and read!

Check out Elite’s site also. Here are their recommendations for GHR and Reverse Hyper substitutions.


Some that haven’t been mentioned yet: Pullthroughs, Hyperextensions