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Lower Back

Some years back my buddy and me were doing bb good mornings, real light weight since it a part of a circuit ( man if I only knew how dumb we looked)

After the workout, my buddy proceeds to the shower butt neeked n all, suddenly his back locks up. I mean, the dude could not move. Needless to say embarrassing gym moment #1 x infinity. He ended up in the ER needing a cortisone shot.

Fast forward some years and I’ve always had a semi mental block when it came to direct lower back training. I do knee level rack deads with out issue, but I never used any weight on the 45degree hyper extension machine. Well this week I did. Worked up to a 35Lbs plate for a set of three. Soft back on the neg, flexed hard at the top for a 1s hold. The most insane pump in my lower back ever. It felt so weird I began to panic and didn’t shower for 30 minutes to wait for it to subside. lol

Nothing felt “wrong” per say, but he sensation was so intense, Im not sure if that is what I’m supposed to feel.

Sorry if this is trolling post status, but I just wanted to know anyone else that have had a similar experience when they fist hit their erectors full on.

The lower back pump is one of the worst feelings in the world. It can completely immoblize you. It makes me wonder why anyone would ever take a pre-workout supplement to make pumps last longer.

A few ways I have found to get rid of them includ laying on a flat bench with your feet elevated above your torso, or setting up in a glue ham raise machine and propping your torso upright with your hands/arms to let the blood drain.

[quote]T3hPwnisher wrote:
The lower back pump is one of the worst feelings in the world. It can completely immoblize you.[/quote]
Man I used to get those, and sitting was painful, standing was painful, and freaking lying down was painful. There was no escape lol.

I feel more or less immune to them these days though. For that I credit very high volume hyper extensions (4 or 5 sets of 25) once or often twice a week.

I also found that supersetting light sets of exercises that deload your spine (e.g., reverse hypers, hanging leg raises) with hyperextensions or other exercises that target the spinal erectors to alleviate the lower-back pump.

I recall at my last job having always had marathon meetings at a cafe that only had stupid-ass high stools as seating and really shitty coffee… And of course these always took place directly after my deadlift training. It was hell.

Back when I would deadlift really heavy, I never really suffered from the dredded lower back pumps. Of course when I switched over to heavy weighted hyperextensions, with considerable volume when I was competing, it would sometimes get very painful. What would help a bit, was that I would do a serious amount of ab and core work on those days, and while I certainly wasn’t thinking that I was stretching everything out, I’m sure it factored in somewhat.

Now, a year after my surgery, and after a serious layoff on many different exercises, I find myself very tender the day after even just a few unweighed sets of hypers. I even had two ‘incidents’ crouching down too quickly out of bed in the morning to leash up the pup. Definitely have to take it slow easing back into higher levels of volume IMO when hitting an area that is practically always tense throughout the day simply keeping you upright.


I second ab work. Gets rid of it pretty quickly ime.

For me, the easiest way to induce an intense lb pump are back extensions with bands.

Leg raises of any type seem to be the single most beneficial thing for me with regards to alleviating a lower back pump.

I saw Christian thibaudeau demonstrating these in one of his deadlift videos… Well he was using that to teach how to get into position but I use it for stretching.

Basically put your hands on your thighs…
Arch the lower back hard
Push your butt as far back as possible and slide those hands down your thigh as far as possible.
When you can’t go any further try to push a teensy bit more and hold it there for a bit.

Should feel a great stretch in hamstrings and erectors.

It feels a little… too…good… afterwards lol…
But I’d have to say that the lower back and hips feel incredibly free afterwards.

You know it’s time to cut when any sort of long distance walking/jogging/incline treadmill walking gives you a low back pump lol

Low back pumps are the worst. Every other muscle pump feels awesome but LB pumps suck so many balls.