Lower Back

Hey guys i really need some help. I have researched on google and found some stuff, and the DR i went to doesnt do crap.

So i have a back problem, but its not discs i dont think? They dont do tests on me because its not chronic, i dont have any funny feelings in my legs or anything like that so they refuse to get me sent for MRI’s or Xrays.

Anyways, here is my PROBLEM:

My lower right side of my back, above the hip and glutes. As i raise my right leg straight into the air like a high kick, and as it lowers there is a very noticeable almost “cracking/clicking” sound.

IF you know of the TMJ syndrome in the jaw (which i also have), when you open your mouth the join slips then as you close it it goes back into place then there is a loud clicking noise.

My back does the same thing, and its not painful when i kick… but my back is uncomfortable like there is something there, and its very tense/tight. I do a lot of stretching as of recently (3 weeks ago). I can still do everything, but its a very big concern for me.

The clicking does not happen when i raise my left leg.

Any ideas?
My parents found out about the clicking and want me to take 6 months off the gym. I only have one back?

If you need to know ANYTHING else, lifts, stats, anything please feel free to let me know.
I am 17 years old.

After considerable research last night, i believe i have found the problem.

I have a feeling it is Anterior Femoral Glide Syndrome. (where the glutes dont activate very well, and bunch of other things to do with the hips)

Reason i say its this is because doing the kick test normally there is the clicking as i lower the leg.
When i squeeze my glutes really hard, and kick while trying to keep my glutes squeezed and lower my leg there is no clicking sound.

Would this be it? I have been told by a personal trainer (who is also a professional powerlifter), that after some tests i have weak glute activation, and weak hamstrings.