Lower Back Work

Any recommendations for substitutes for back extention and the like? My previous gym had a back extention machine, and I found it beneficial. Now, I don’t have access to one or any other equipment to target the lower back as far as I know. I feel I have lost strength here and like it’s becoming somewhat of a limiting factor in squatting

If you can squat==you can good am
If you can squat==you can dead

You can do stiff leg deadlifts, kneeling squats and good mornings. That should get you started.


Good mornings- they will punish your hams and glutes at the same time. Just go light at first.

I do this exercise where you lay on your back and put your feet on the floor as if you were going to do crunches, but then you put a weight on your belly and raise your hips off the floor squeezing your glutes. It’s great for both the glutes and lower back. Deadlifts are also awesome.