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Lower Back Tweak


Performing 6 sets of 4 rep deadlifts I "tweaked", for lack of a better word my lower back. It feels like muscle strain. Tightens up when inactive and feels not bad when warm.

4th set 2nd rep I felt a pain, pissed off I finished the last two sets anyway. The weight was relatively light (315) with my max DL being 425.

I'm just gearing up for an eight week strength / bulking phase and rarely get injured but when I do I usually work through it and everything is fine, just curious what others opinions are...work through it? or rest it?


Back is nothing to fool with you have but one back and years to bulk up. Take it easy asses the situation if pain stays get it checked out.


Who you callin' ass
You callin' me ass


I do heavy abb work whenever my back feels jacked and it seems to work for me. The reverse hyper is exactly what you need. Lay off the full pull DL's and try some pin pulls or Dimels.


The severity of the symptoms and your body's response to loading/movements would determine your best course of action.

You do not want to make the problem worse and a strength cycle could potentially lead to further injury.

I would try to stay active, but would limit spinal loading for a couple weeks to give the tissue a chance to heal.

Try doing exercises like lunges, step-ups, split squats, belt squats and similar leg exercises. These will give you plenty of growth stimulus without stressing the low back as much as deadlifts or squats.

If you can perform deadlifts with a light weight, you may want to work on improving your technique and groove the motor patterns prior to building back up to the heavier weights.

I deal with low back injuries everyday and I can tell you that the long term consequences will far out weigh any short-term gains you might achieve.

You may want to do some specific lumbar spine stabilizing exercises as well.

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Thanks for everyone?s advice. I will reduce heavy lower back loading for a while...I agree that delaying my strength training phase for a week or so is better than hurting my back more and risking being out for months.