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Lower Back Training

I’ve just started using the westside template for my training and recently hit 400 on the deadlift( so all’s going well)

My question is what exercises do you use as supplementary exercises to work the lower back. So far i’ve got 45 degree back extensions and Zercher squats. Any other suggestions? My gym hasn’t got a reverse hyper:(

try pin pulls in your power rack.

Stiff leg deadlift or good-mornings.

I like GHRs, goodmornings and pullthroughs. I tend to keep the reps between 8-10 per set.

The only exercise that isolates the lumbar region is lumbar extensions (lay face down on a rounded surface with bent knees and raise your torso up using your lumbar erectors).

This isn’t the best way to work them for powerlifting. All squat, deadlift and good morning variations, back extensions, 45 degree back extensions and reverse hypers will tax your low back effectively.

Doing squats and good mornings with different barbells help out too, such as the safety squat bar and cambered bar. Even the manta ray works well with powerlifting style (wide stance, sit back) squats because it increases the lever length and makes the exercise more difficult.