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Lower Back/tailbone/Top of Glutes Stretches?


anyone have any to share? or coolio yoga poses that will help?

i seem to miss that lumbar sacral up to the last lumbar area for stretching..and i want to stretch it!


You really don't want to focus on stretching it, IMO. You need proper balance of lumbar flexion and extension, but the lumbar ROM is VERY small. The main purpose of the lumbar spine is stabilization.

I don't know your specific situation and obviously have not eval'd you, but I'd suggest looking into hip mobility and thoracic spine mobility drills and lumbar stability exercises. Generally those with the "tension" in their low backs are caused by some imbalance relating to hip/thoracic mobility or lumbar stability.


hey thanks! perhaps i'm not thinking of the right way to alleviate the problem I have, which is at times a clenching up stiffness. Almost feels like if i could hang it would help as well, like pull each vertebrae out a bit :{

tops of the glutes get in the mix as well--just tight. i wanna pull everything out and apart!

I appreciate your reply :)I'll work on my mobility ..I do definitely need some attention to that.


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