Lower back spasms


For the last two days, I’ve been having spasms in my lower left back (I’m left handed, if that matters). On Saturday, I did a pretty intense EDT workout (from Joel Marion’s Cheater’s Diet/EDT program) that included front squats/DB bench press, GMs/BB row, leg extensions/incline DB flyes. I took Sunday off. Monday, in the mid morning, I started having the spasms. Although they are not terribly painful at this point, I did have trouble getting to sleep last night. They seem to be about the same so far today.

What is the recommended course of treatment? I’ve never had these before. It’s only the left side, around the kidney area. I’m trying to stretch my lower back, hamstrings and hip flexors today. I did some HIIT this morning, and did not notice anything. Unfortunately, I sit at a desk all day, and this seems to be where I notice it the most.

Any advice would be appreciated.



I sometimes experience annoying twitches in my biceps after lifting, but it usually subsides after a day or so.

A lot of people attribute spasms/twitches to magnesium deficiency. If your problem persists, you could try supplementing with ZMA before bed.

Do you have a history of back spasms? Your back usually spasms as a protective mechanism, get it looked at if you can. Can never be too careful with your back

No history of back problems. I had some ART done on it today (he had been focusing on my shoulder(s) and occasional hip/calf). I still have the spasms. I lifted last night (upper body), and did not have any spasms while lifting, nor on the treadmill after lifting. Shortly after I sat down on the couch, sure enough, the occasional spasm. They don’t really hurt, but it’s a wierd feeling.

My ART guy said it may be a good thing, a sign of certain muscles starting to activate more often. It may be all part of my effort to correct my scapular winging and hyper lordosis. Hopefully that’s it, and they’ll go away in a few days.

The hyper lordosis could be triggering it. When the hip flexors are tight the QL is also stressed and short. Again this sends the spine a signal that it is not where it should be so it spasms the muscles for protection.

One word: ICE