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Lower Back Spasms, HELP


Hey guys,

I'm hoping one of you can help me. By brother is suffering with a condition which i think is called lombargo or possibly lombardo. He gets random and severe back spasms that are that strong he instantly collapses to the ground. Its not until the spasms have stopped, usually a few seconds later that he's able to get back up but still feeling very sore and fragile in the lower thoracic and lumbar region, specifically on the right hand side. He's been to see a couple of doctors and a couple of physios none of which gave him any constructive advice. They all pretty much said that all he can do is rest and do a couple of stretches, none of which have helped. My question is are any of you familiar with the condition and if so, can you help or suggest any rehab work that can be done? Thanks a lot in advance...