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Lower Back Spasms from Juice


Every damn time I do a cycle, I get these obnoxious lower back spasms. It seems the more sudden weight gain I experience, the more serious the lower back pain. These spasms occur when I take creatine as well. I theorize that it has something to do with electrolyte imbalance from the water retention, or it could just be that the extra bodyweight is putting more strain on the muscles responsible for keeping my spine erect.

Anyone else experience this?


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Yeah, I had to cut my last cycle short because the back spasms were simply killing me. (Dbol, test & winstrol) Damn shame too, because otherwise I was feeling awesome.


The dreaded back pumps!!! I get them so bad some times that I can't actually walk. In my case it tends to be orals that cause back pumps.

Taurine can help, as can gentle stretching, and you need to keep your water intake high. You may find that reducing the dosages in your cycle is the only way to get some relief.



Second the taurine advice. Although gear isnt my area, plenty of anecdotal stuf about on forums regarding this.


I've never had problems with "the dreaded back pumps," even with running d-bol.test, and tren at the same time. But if it makes you guy's feel any better I get painful pumps in my forearms on back day from AAS.