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Lower Back Spasm/Strain


So after yesterdays epic soccer game, I pulled up sore. I was sitting in the change rooms after the game, as I stood up to head to the showers I felt my lower back seize up!

Today the pain continued, and it feels that the muscles in my lower back are tense. I took my shirt off after work this afternoon, and I noticed that my torso appeared to be twisted and leaning to the right. Looking at my back in the mirror the right side of my lower back seems be more tense than the left. It is also tender to touch.

Has anyone have any idea of what I have done? I never knew muscles tense up after they get strained??
Please help.

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lower back pain is usually due to bad posture, and weak hip flexors. train them frequently


Thanks buddy.
I have an appointment with the chiro tomorrow, so hopefully he will give me an idea of my
pelvic positioning.
For the past 2 months ive been stretching my hip flexors like a bitch and have recently
started squatting again(all light weight with strict form, no pain after training).

Do you think my recent increased stretching of my hip flexors have caused the injury?
How do you make hip flexors strong? Squats?

On a side note, I would like to add how much people take their health and fitness for
granted, its only times like these that you appreciate your health.

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interesting, you mention you constantly stretched your hip flexors.

Another reason for lower back stiffness/pain is attributed to weak abs/obliques, having those muscles weak, forces the lower back to support most of the upper body by itself. It gets worse after heavy stress activities like soccer.

I’d recommend static exercises for your abs, 3 sets of 30sec static planks and side planks will do it for you.

Also, always remember to warm up properly before any sport. I get a terrible lower back pain after any soccer game, if I didnt warm up properly.