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Lower Back Soreness After Bench Press?


I completed my chest and triceps part of my routine yesterday and now have a pretty sore lower back. Does anyone else experience lower back soreness, not pain, after benching. My form was similar to the one on Dave Tate's bench press cure except with elbows out more to work the chest. Is it normal to have lower back soreness after bench pressing?

My routine is
Bench press: 5x5
DB bench press: 3 of 8-10
Close grip bench press: 3x5
Tricep rope pushdowns: 2x10


My guess would be you may be arching a bit much or putting wayyyy too much forward lean into your tricep pushdowns. I've never had this problem myself however...


I don't think it could have been the tricep pressdowns. How can i mess up such a simple exercise? lol. I had a slight foward lean toward the last couple reps of it but ive done them before and no back pain. It was however the first time i was benching on an actual bench and not a smith machine and in the past i always did DB bench presses which is why i believe its the bench press that is causing the back soreness.


Lol, trust me, I've seen people jerk around enough on them that its a wonder they haven't hurt themselves. It was a longshot at best.

I'd definitely go with the bench in that case, especially if it was your first time on a bench, all sorts of stabilizers come into play that you never would have though of before. I'd just stay loose over the next couple of days and ice/heat accordingly if it's really sore.


You are definitely arching to much, this has happened to me a couple of times. Normally when i work with a weight closer to my max i tend to arch a bit more to push the weight up and i feel it almost immediately after finishing my set. I have seen Dave Tate's bench press video and i don't recommend using such form while doing working reps. I believe it's targeted to increase you 1RM, so the back really isn't in that position for a long time.


I don't really put ice/heat on my sore muscles, i just think "eat sleep and they'll recover." Also im kinda glad its sore, rather than pain because i have had lower back problems before but since its sore im thinking that the soreness means the muscles were worked, so now they'll get stronger.


Your post wasn't up when i posted my other response. But as for the arch, how much should i arch then. Like dave said, i go for the pressure on my traps. How should i position myself to avoid over arching?


i don't think "over arching" is a big deal. if your back is a little worked, just do some standing/kneeling cable crunches or pullups or something after your set/sets. the cable crunches are fantastic for loosening up the erectors for some reason.

you said yourself it's not painful, just sore. if you're pushing relatively heavy weight, you wanna be tight and arched hard. and if you're not pushing heavy weight, you still wanna be tight and arch hard, just for the practice.


Quick question, do you arch your back by driving your hips/butt into the bench or you push off with your legs to arch your back. I use to arch by raising my chest and driving my butt into the bench and thats when i got the most back pain, even on light weights sometimes. I recommend after you retract your shoulders, you raise your chest and use leg drive to get your arch. Check out this clip.

The extent in which Lee Hayward and Dave Tate arch is more for power lifting. They try to get their body at an angle similar to a decline BP because it's the easiest of the lifts. I've never seen anyone do a complete BP workout using this form on every set.


I think i arch my back using my legs to push into the floor. I think it the soreness might just be due to weak lower back muscles that are now being worked. Like grettiron said it might not be a big deal.


I watched that video. And Lee Hayward seems to think that you should arch your back, as he says "Some people are against arching your back, but its in the strongest position when its arched and the muscles are tensed."


Alright man, good luck with your lifts..keep us posted.


Thanks for the responses angus, as for keeping people posted, i just recently started my training log:

The weights im using arent anything near impressive and my squat sucks but im only 14 and hey you gotta start somewhere right? Plus with the routine im doing i think ill be making some serious gains, check it out feedback is welcomed.


Dont worry about it, you want to have an arch in your back. It keeps you tight and allows a better transfer of power. Plus, taking into it the fact that you are moving from smith, your body now has to stabilize the weight and you have to remain tighter. I've done the MM bench routine before and that's 12 sets of bench and have been able to keep a big arch for them all.