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Lower Back Rounding Factors


I know many fix there lower back rounding with isolated stretching of the hamstrings and hip flexors. But after constantly stretching my hammies i can stick my head between my legs when they are straight and my back still rounds.

Could the rounding also be caused by abductors or glutes or something and is there a way to test how flexible your hip flexors are



Its all inter-related. No point of having flexible hamstrings when you have tight glutes and abductors!
Foam roll and stretch everything. I hope you have considered plantar fascia and calves flexibility aswell?

And I require a video for a more accurate analysis/advice.

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Strengthen your lower back?



I thought this was a common misconception.

While sometimes people are limited in their squat by flexibility issues much more often they are limited by their inability to recruit things properly. They lack motor control of the pelvis.

Check out Ripptoe's article (this site) 'proper back position for power'.

Use his diagnostic tests. Vid yourself side on if possible. Are you able to hold a lumbar arch at all? It is possible that you simply don't appreciate how you need to hold yourself in the first place. Once you have the general idea of it then you will get more mobile (movement with proper recruitment) by... Squatting.


vids would help


Wow thats weird. Who wouldn't be able to arc their back

anyway after I posted this I continued stretching my flexors and last night when I squatted my back didnt round at all (first time)

Thanks anyway


Ripptoe found that a lot of taller guys seemed to have some kind of lower back amnesia and not really understand what he meant by holding their lumbar arch until he showed them.

The article is still worth a look IMO, but glad to hear that things are seeming better to you now.


So you solved your problem in one day by having one session of stretching your hip flexors.




stretch the shit out of those hip flexors


It wasn't one session. It was the whole day. Not only that for months i had been stretching my hamstrings and flexors but thought my flexors were already flexible which is why i didn't concentrate too much on them. But its all good now


Ok, so one day you have this problem and you post on T-Nation, and then for whatever reason you stretched your hip flexors all day, and then the next day your problem was fixed?

Talk about miracles. Im glad we could help.