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Lower Back Rounding During Deadlift


hey all, as what teh title suggests, my back is rounding badly. however i don't feel any pain from it whatsoever. what is the best remedy other than lowering the weights, train back to strengthen it and all.
what I'm looking for are cues to help me realise that haha. i mean i know I'm rounding but i can't maintain it as long as I'm going past 70% of my 1RM


The biggest issue I see is your set-up. Check out your feet through out the entire video. They are bouncing all over the place right before the pull, and you switch stance widths between your first and second rep. Basically, you aren't rooted into the floor, and are losing your ability to transfer any real strength/force into the movement.

Work on finding the set-up that works for you and then maintaining it through out a set first. From there, you'll have a standardized "form" that fits your leverages and body, which means you'll have a way of addressing any sort of technique issues if they come up.


You are obviously flexible enough to deadlift, but you said you said you cant maintain it above 70%. Hammer form with a "straight back", or keep it at the same angle throughout the lift. You go to initiate the pull and you go complete turtle on the bar. I like to think get your back stronger (RDL/GM), hamstrings stronger, and work the crap out of form without losing your initial back position (straight or rounded).


right my foot. okay thanks bud, ill keep that in mind. standardising is also an issue cause i can't seem to find the "perfect" set up. still searching for it and also my back haha. thanks!


okay got it. gonna work the hell out of my hamstrings, back and flutes. thanks!


LOL @ going Turtle, but that's exactly right. I winced when I saw this.


yes turtle hahahah. thanks for the article anyway. good read and more changes for me


all the above and i would learn to clean/snatch grip high pull/snatch grip deadlift. nothing works better for me, when it comes to strengthening the flat back, than olympic pulls.