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Lower Back Rehab


Hello everyone. I was deadlifting last Saturday and I injured my back. As I was doing a submaximal Deadlift set (75% TM), I felt a slight pull in my lower back (more towards my left side). I've concluded for the most part that it was a muscle strain because I could walk completely fine afterwards, and although it was not smart, I was able to Overhead Press relatively fine afterwards. As soon as I left the gym, I iced it then had a warm shower, then I made sure to walk around as much as I could instead of sitting/lying down.

It's been a few days now and I pretty much feel completely fine, but I'm wondering when/if I should start working out soon and if so, how long should I wait until I attempt to do any Squatting/Deadlifting (I don't plan on maxing out on these or anything like that, just want to maintain my technical skill/movement pattern). I plan on working around Squatting using a Horizontal Leg Press, and as for Deadlifting, I might switch to light Sumo Deadlifts (or not do them at all until another week or so). Any tips/info would be appreciated. Thanks!


Depends how fine “pretty much” feels. Try squatting and deadlifting with no load or just and empty bar. Basically test the movement patterns to see if you feel pain and then gradually increase the load. If it hurts, don’t continue. It could possibly be something going on at your SI joint. If that is case I would suggest trying a chiropractor ( I’m one of those pro-chiro people) and making sure the joint isn’t out of alignment.