Lower Back Questions

I have been hitting my lower back pretty hard in an effort to bring up a weakness, and along with playing hockey, it leaves it pretty sore and pretty tight. I figured you guys must have some good stretches to keep it lose and limber. I have gone throw the Lazy mans guide and that doesnt seem to get the tightness to go away. Also, as of the past 2 days I have beeen experiencing a slight twinge in my lower back when doing things such as bent over rows or today just when I was warming up from squats. It didnt seem like any kind of pain i couldnt take, but I was wondering if there is a possiblity that working through the pain is just setting myself up for injury. Any ideas, comments, etc of any kind would be appreciated since I am pretty much at a loss.


When I twinge my lower back I like to hit the reverse hypers high-rep and light, or, if you don’t have access to one, light good mornings (even with a broomstick) just to get some blood flow to the area might not be a bad idea. I also like round back band GMs for this type of recovery, though again, this is something not a lot of people have access to.