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Lower Back Question

I know I’ve been asking alot of questions lately and posting alot, but I’ve finally started back strong and I’m encountering some things I haven’t before. So I’ll try to keep the volume down.

Last time I deadlifted I used perfect form with my back arched slightly upward, and my lower back went bananas. I couldn’t bend over without extreme soreness for 1/2 an hour after lifting. My lower back felt as if I had a stiff neck. Is this a problem? I had no pain afterwards or today. It felt almost as if my lower back muscles were extremely pumped up.

I get the same thing when I do extensions, My erectors get such a huge pump that they feel like they are going to burst and they are extremly stiff. I don’t think there is anything to worry about as long you are not having any unusual pain the next day.

Was it PAIN or PUMP. You need to learn the difference in your own body. Yes at timkes the pump can be NUTS from DL, GM squats etc in the low back. To the point its hard to bend over a bit. One of the cool things I see is my posture the whole rest of the dal after a heavy DL session is PERFECT. Just that huge back pump forces that back arch shoulders back etc…

But once again I would feel it out and if its a sharp PAIN not good.

Sounds like a sweet pump. Congrats!

Thursday night I did a deadlift workout. Friday morning I sat down at my computer and the screen and keyboard were too low. I measured myself and it turns out I was a full 3/4 inch taller than my normal morning height. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. My lower back was just slightly sore - normal muscle soreness.

Ok from what I’ve read now read I’m assuming it’s normal. I stated it wasn’t pain.