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Lower Back Question (After Mobility)


used to have poor mobility (lower back rounded when squatting, ie: butt wink). mobility drills + stretches + foam rolling resolved this. when im squatting now, the weight feels MUCH easier to move, with the exception of my lower back, it becomes pretty sore. im assuming its just because my lower back has to work to support the weight, whereas before it just rounded. ive only been back in gym for 2 weeks now, so its not like my l.back has been pretty sore for a long time.

just wondering if anyone can chime in with any info or if anyone else had this.


I might have had a similar experience. When I do spinal-loaded exercises (squats/deadlifts/lunges) with a lot of volume and decent intensity, my lower back starts hurting, like it’s spasming or something, until about ten minutes after I’m completely done with squats (or whatever).

I have no idea what causes it. I’ve learned to deal with it by laying down on the ground with my knees up in between sets. This seems to have alleviated much of the pain (though not all of it).

Some warm-ups help, but none of them completely eradicate the pain.

Recently, there was an article on glute training, which lead me to begin to think I have poorly firing glutes (as I’ve never even tried to activate them or anything). I intend on embarking on a program of glute-training to see if this might alleviate the problem (weak glutes= lower back takes over= lower back gets pained).

OR that might have nothing to do with your problm. Just throwing it out there.


the recent glute article had me interested also. i remember before, my quads would be FRIED after back squats, and id hardly feel anything in glutes, whereas now, even after a layoff, i didnt really feel all tht much in my quads, whereas my glutes and hams took a sound beating. so things have definately improved. ill continue with what im doing now and maybe add in a few more glute activation exercises, see what happens after a month or 2 when the glutes are stronger.


[quote]with the exception of my lower back, it becomes pretty sore.

Are you doing your deadlifts and reversehypers?


I think in addition to looking at your glutes, your low back is just weak. You fixed the rounding issue, now the low back needs to get used to the stress of isometrically supporting the weight. I would look at doing low intensity exercises that will strengthen your low back in a static (arched/neutral) position.