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Lower Back Pumps


So pretty much every back workout I end up with horrible lower back pumps - it starts with my first warmup set of 135 on deads or rack pulls and progressively gets worse from there.

What have you guys found helps with this as I'm sure I'm not the only one?

I try to get a lot of fluids in during the day and especially around/during my workouts.


I didnt know there was such a thing as a "horrible" pump but it wasnt uncommon for my lower back to feel so worked after lots of rack pulls/deadlifts that it was uncomfortable to do things like heavy one arm DB rows but if youre not training with a belt on DLs or rack pulls i would try that. I feel i still get a hell of a lower back workout but it is the difference between night and day as far as how my lower back holds up through the rest of my workout, especially since its always the first thing that gets worked.


Audio, I don't think there is such a thing as a "good" lower back bump lol.

I'm all ears on this one too, it's a bitch.


x2 Feels kinda weird. Wearing a belt helps.


I tend to get it on my left side

lift partner noticed that my hips shot slightly left on the squat


You could try keeping one of those big exercise balls around, and between sets of deadlifts just lay on it. Put your hands over your head, and stretch your legs out, and just let the ball kinda hold up the curvature of your back. Keep the ball right at the top of your hips and just lay there for a minute. Works well for me.


That's actually not a bad idea. I get the best feeling ever though laying on the ham curl station and let the pad pull my legs down, it's pure ecstasy...haha


I thought this thread was going to be about the mundane everyday tasks that cause lower back pumps... I don't know if that makes it a disappointment or not.


Lay on the floor and whine like a little bitch? That is what I do.

It fucking blows dude. Walking makes it pump back up after it goes away too.


How bout walking? lol :slightly_smiling:


I feel dumb for asking this question but this thread seems appropriate. Someone had asked me this earlier today. He basically said he did the normal back exercises but never felt anything in his back so wanted to know what exercises to use. I told him he was doing it right and that is just not an area you usually feel a pump at. I said all those exercises involve arms too which is where you feel it first, maybe when you get really strong arms you will start feeling it more in your back. Is this correct at all?

On another thought when you get older the back is just one of those areas you get random pain (just really minor unless you did something wrong to cause it). For that reason you may not notice any soreness there from the gym as much.


dead hang stretches from a pullup station for a few seconds between sets of deads/ rack pulls etc and then again after finishing workouts will help. the excercise ball thing mentioned above sounds cool too.


I like to do a nice standing hamstring stretch between Deadlift sets when my low back pumps too much.

Sometimes by the 3rd or 4th set of heavy RDL's I can go from touching my toes to putting my palms on the floor.


i hope this doesnt come across too harsh, but seriously, why are you giving advice (to buddy you were talking about) when you know you are completely guessing? -dont do this


No. If you do the exercises properly then you should feel it in your back. It takes practice to figure out how-to accurately target your back. Yes, strong arms help, but your arms should NOT be fatiguing before your BACK when you're doing BACK exercises! If they are, then you're doing something wrong!


Decompress your back. Sometimes when this happens, i lay down on a bench with my feet up in the air to make the back temporarily flat, also taking stress off of the lower back. seems to work fine for me.


What? You should definately feel apump in your back when exercising the back. I feel like, inflated after a good back session.


This is what I do.

Taurine is supposed to work well too.


Low back pump is something a lot of us have to deal with. When you are bigger and eating a ton it is worse. The good news is it just hurts...it doesn't signify anything really wrong with the area...just a lot of fluid trapped down there. Which obviously doesn't mean everyone should ignore lower back pain, but if you have low back pump and know what it is, it's ok to ignore it and keep training to the extent you can.

To those of you who don't know what low back pump is and don't get it, don't give advice. K thanks.


I actually kinda like it, maybe it is because I considered the lower back one of my weak points long ago and was pretty obsessed with strengthening it for a while. I have to admit though that when it's over a certain limit it can be incredibly uncomfortable. Hanging from a pull up bar and stretching seem to help though. Gonna have to try that exercise ball thing too.