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Lower Back Pump


When deadlifting and BB rowing my lower back becomes tight and feels quite pumped. I maintain a good arch and do not round. It does not feel like I am straining anything. I was wondering if it could be from contracting my lower back to maintain an arch? Or if anybody else had thoughts.


Nothing wrong with feeling a low back pump from doing deadlifts and somewhat loose form BB rows. If your form is good and you don't have any low back pain, don't worry.


I used to get this a lot when I first started doing DL's and rows. It doesn't happen as much anymore now that I am consistently getting to the gym, but I'm also doing less reps with more weight so that could explain it also. Like Maiden said, I wouldn't worry about it as long as your form is good and you aren't experiencing any pain.


Thats what I have been telling myself. I am not worried about my form and it goes away pretty soon after a workout and no pain after so I haven't been worrying abouti it.


Helps to do some soft tissue work with a lacrosse ball on your Erector spinae on your off-days.


Also another bit of advice is to ask whether you are squeezing your glutes hard during the deadlift?
Also if BB rows are irritating your lower back, try pendlay rows :slight_smile:


Also make sure you are squeezing the hell out of your glutes during the deadlift and using your legs.
If BB rows keep irritating your lower back then maybe try pendlay rows perhaps :slight_smile:


Thank you for the advice and help everyone.


If you're actually putting effort into bb rows, squats, DLs, basically any big compound lift, your lower back SHOULD be getting a pump. Like virtually any other muscle, this is an indication it's working, and presumably getting stronger. Hopefully you're attentive enough to be able to tell the difference between joint/spine/tendon pain, and a pump. If nothing else, video your lifts and watch them after you workout or sets, so you can critique your own form, or put it up here for advice.


Thank you for your thoughts. My lower back is a weak point and always has been. Tore some legiments in hockey in high school. It is the limiting factor in heavy deadlifting and squats right now. I rounded my back doing a heavy dead a couple of weaks ago and that really showed me the difference between a muscle pump and pain.


Good thing you're paying attention to that sort of thing...like I said, simply video-ing and watching your own form should be enough for you, as long as you don't let your ego get in the way....and having a previous injury, I don't think that'll be a problem. Good luck man.


Ya I prefer Pendlays over standing BB rows on deadlift days. Standing BB rows after deads just don't mix, atleast for me.


Just did deads today. Worked up 5lbs under the weight that I rounded on last time and cranked 3 reps out good form. Lower back pumped after all the deads but dissappeared after and no pain or anything. I did do a video of both the lift that hurt and then my top set today. Form looked way better. Just gotta keep strengthing the core and not try to push the weight up faster than my core will let me. Thanks everyone for the input.