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Lower Back Pump When Running?


i got a really bad pump when out running today. was so bad i had to slow down and walk, anyone else had this? any theories why?


Have you done any heavy work involving your lower back in the day prior to running? I tend to get tightness in my lower back when the muscles are fatigued from deads or squats and stuff on the days prior to a run. I find when the back muscles are tired, I tend to slouch and look down when I run. That puts more pressure on my lower back and makes it tighter.
Try loosening and warming up your back first and then make sure you keep your chest and head up when you run. That might help.

Semper Fi


Are you taking Superdrol?


Not taking superdrol, or any other hormones.
Leg day was two days ago, should have recovered from that. Doing kinda light squats and deadlifts, working up after sprained ankle (not sure if that's the right word).
I'll try to warm up more before next time, thanks.


You also might just need some more abdominal endurance. This has happened to me from time to time when I do hill sprints, especially if I have pre-fatigued the abdominals and low back muscles. It doesn't seem to happen when I am doing abdominal strength-endurance training (as opposed to pure strength training).


You'r saying i should do situps? I really don't like doing sit ups.


Well, that was an easy case to solve, huh?




I'll try the other things beforing starting doing situps. Seriosly, do you people do situps?


Naturally I would need to view your running style. However, it could be that you are leaning forward as you run. Even a slight lean would cause your back to become fatigued faster than your legs.

Again, I would have to actually see you run, but it might be something to check into.

Good Luck


i used to run 3 miles a day and i always had a sore back,might jus need a little R&R


Do you do any lower back exercises? I know DL and such are good, but something like Romanian DLs may help too. I know when I would play basketball for a while, my lower back would hurt. That's cause I'd be stooped over trying to be aggressive.

I would also check out you form when running. Are you an avid runner or did you just begin?


Just beginning, i really don't like running. Thinking of doing rows as cardio in the gym instead. The excersises i do that hit the lower back are rows and deadlifts. Squats?