Lower Back Pump Since Starting TRT

I’ve always been pretty good at endurance when it comes to squats, ghds, and deadlifts. Ever since I started trt though, I get lower back pump like a mother. I get it so bad some days I can’t finish workouts. I’ve researched it, and some people seem to think it’s not a real thing, or that taking taurine will cure it. Well I’ve been taking taurine daily for 4 months, and it has not worked. I’ve done every leg stretch known to man before lifting with no relief. I’m talking about a solid 15 minutes of stretching before warming up too. It’s in my lower back, and the only way I can describe it, is it’s like when your feet cramp and your toes curl. But in your back. Haha. I thought I wasn’t drinking enough water, so I started drinking more water. I was drinking 120 oz a day, and bumped it up to 132 oz. That also has given no relief. Has anyone found a solution to this? I can’t be the only one. Tia.

Can you pinpoint the location? Where exactly are you feeling the lower back pump? Near SI Joint? Near your hip? Dead center where your spine is?

Try having a banana 30 minutes before your workout.

Its definitely a muscle that’s tightening up. It’s the very lowest part of my back where my hip starts. Both sides are affected, but my left side is the worst. It’s not in the center of my back, but just off center.

I eat 2 bananas a day. One at 9 am, and one at 230 pm. I work out at 530pm.

That’s 3 hours before workout. Try having it 30 minutes before.

Does it hurt to cough or sneeze?

I’ll try eating it closer to the work out.

I’m thinking it’s not injury related because he described it as “Pump”. If that’s the case, then the assumption should be made that it goes away shortly after stopping the workout. If this assumption is wrong and it doesn’t go away shortly after stopping, then it’s not Pump at all and there could be some nerve / tissue damage there.

No it doesn’t hurt when I cough or sneeze. In fact it never bothers me at all until I start lifting that involves the lower back. Once I get the first set completed, bam it’s there and there to stay until I rest for 5 to 10 minutes.

If it is indeed Pump then that’s lactic acid buildup in the muscle. You’re probably pushing harder now that you’re on TRT and overworking the supporting muscles. The potassium closer to your workout should help with that, and you could also try sipping pickle juice before and during the workout as well.

I have noticed that if I sit down on a chair or bench when it starts, it relieves the pain almost instantly. Almost like it’s taking the tension off the muscle that is tightening up.

This sure sounds like a mineral deficiency to me.
Up potassium, magnesium citrate, zinc ad a vit C to help them breakdown.
I’ve never heard it called a pump it has always been a charlie horse to me.

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Thanks. I will add more potassium, magnesium, vitamin c, and zinc to my program. A Charlie horse is another good way to describe the pain. Lol

have you used foam roller or tennis ball? I had some GNARLY lower back pain in that hip area and I needed to roll it with a ball. Hard.

Yes I have. It helps relieve the pain for sure after I’m done lifting. But it does nothing for it happening again. I’ve been to the chiropractor 5 times, I’ve had deep tissue massages, and been 6 times to a lady that specializes in stretching. I’d lay on a bed and she would stretch my lower body in ways you can’t stretch yourself.

I feel your pain man. I am always dealing with some type of lower back issue. Whether its SI joint, piriformis, or just tight hip flexors pulling in shit.

Check out this video on youtube by Smashwerx, its called Si joint relief I think. There is a stretch on there that stretches the area you are talking about. You cross your leg over your knee and then put your foot on the floor, its a great stretch. Anyway, I found that stretching in between each set kept my back from tensing up. But I had to stretch between every set.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll look into it. When I do traditional lifting it’s not as big of an issue, because I can stop and stretch and rest between sets. But I also do crossfit (I know, flame away), so that I can get cardio too. But there’s no stopping in the middle of their workouts usually. Yesterday we did 40ea. 185 lb. Deadlifts, 40ea. 50lb db push press, and 40 box jumps. Then turn around and do it again at 30, 30, 30, and then 20, 20, and 20. Not heavy weight by any means, but gives you great cardio and massive pumps. I made it through it, but it took me 5 minutes longer than most because my back was pumped so bad. It sucks having to stop because of back pump, and you’re not tired yet.

Did you ever find a fix for low back pumps

I never did. I believe it has to do with tight hip flexor muscles. If I keep them stretched, and I stay hydrated, it’s more bearable. But I’m not free of it. I have quit going to CrossFit because of it. Now I give myself 2 hours on leg days so that I can take plenty of breaks, and stretch a lot. It sucks honestly. I wish I had a solution.