Lower Back Problems


I have problems with my lover back. Its not the muscles down the spine but its around the bone in lower back ( i think its a pelvic bone, when i touch in my lower back i feel two bones, one on the left and one in my right side). I hope somebody will understand what i mean. Well the right one is pain full and if i press there on it it hurts. It is also swollen a litlle bit. If i a massage the spot it hurts in the beggining but later it gets better. I have also problems with movement. If i stand on right leg and try to do one leg dead lift (so get down with my upperbody) it hurts a lot. If i try to stretch (standing and touch the floor with my hands) it feels like it is stiff. After the stretch i also feel nerve on my right leg around calf area.

I hope i explained it ok and that somebody will help me…