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Lower Back Pain


Yesterday I hurt my lower back deadlifting. All I know is the when i went up the weight I felt something like shift in the lower left side of my back. I finished my training and this morning when i woke up it was incredibly hard to even walk. I stretched out my lower back and hamstrings and it feels much better but i know the pain is going to come back. Also if i move in certain ways i feel like a shooting pain go half way down my hamstring. Ill be visiting the doctor probably tomorrow to get this checked out but in the mean time does anyone know what this could be or what i could do to help relieve the pain


Ouch, try stretching your psoas.


I did this three days ago...I'm popping ibuprofen, taking in more fish oil, and heating/iceing it


haha, im sorry man... Having a tight psoas can refer pain to the lower back, but in this situation it is obviously a direct injury of some sort to the erector spinae or quadratus I would guess...

As for what you do, the most important thing is to rest it. Dont do anything that could comprimise your back, be very careful even picking up small things off the floor. You could try icing it, which may not work but wont cause any problems. Do not heat it, heating is for warming up maybe an old stiff injury, but as for a new injury if you want to promote inflammation than go ahead with the heat.

Next most important thing, is to make sure you are deadlifting correctly. I would recommend posting a youtube video of you deadlifting so we can tear it apart (hopefully) so you wont have this problem again.


Yesterday when i woke up i could barely walk and bend down. Today i have no problem but still feel a slight tweek. Ill be icing it when i get home from school. Unfortunatly i dont have a video of me deadlifting. What i think might have happened is the the floor in my gym has little mounds in some spots and i think i was either standing on one with one foot or one side of the weight was on one. Stupid of me for not noticing. Anyway, I did a little research and i think i could either have a bulging disc or theres something wrong with my sciatic.


You should stick w/your initial instinct and go to the doc. The hamstring pain is not good.


Go to a doctor if the pain persists. Maybe it's the weight lifting gods telling you not to slam weights/start a clemson brawl with your old thread haha


I did the same thing about 4 weeks ago. It was on my right side though and my ass and hamstring hurt like hell for like a week. I think I had just pinched something because I'm fine now. Back to dead lifting with no pain, but the incident has made me very very cautious when I do DL's. It's like a permanent mental scar, it sucks.


Sounds like a slipped disc. I've done this a couple times before, just take some time off from spine loaded exercises and do some good stretching.


ive been stretching out my lower back, hamstring and ass a whole lot and its much better. I can actually bend over with no pain(no homo).


Why did you finish the session man???

Nutso. Glad it's coming good though, but you should get an x-ray or an ultrasound to be sure you haven't stuffed a disc.


I have no idea. This is going to sound dumb but i felt that feeling with the first rep and still went for 4 more and then actually moved up in weight. The weird thing is even though i felt the shift after my sets i had absolutely no pain so i just kept going. sure as hell regretted it in the morning though haha.


Also, another thing I have never understood is stretching an injured bodypart. Even if while you are stretching it feels a bit better, I think it is kindof a manipulation of your body to get around the tweak, it does not help the injury at all and in most cases can probably make it much much worse. Stretching the hamstrings and hip flexors in such a way that spinal flexion is not emphasized could help a great deal by giving your body more ROM before spinal flexion is demanded by your lack of flexibility.