Lower Back Pain

Hey guys,

ok so recently i have been experiencing some lower back pains usually only when i am playing basketball, which is quite annoying as it makes it quite hard to play and finals are coming up soon, i did a little research and came to the conclusion that my pain was coming from my lack of core work, Thoughts?

Ok so my routine is as follows i do Mon,Wed,Fri
and usually do:

Front Squat
Upwright Row
Military Press
DB Bench
and chuck in either a shoulder, bicep or tricep iso exercise at the end, 1 or 2.

Sets and reps change alot, its basically one of Waterbury’s routines, atm im doing 5x5 60 seconds rest.

Now i though about it and decided to add maybe a side bridge either arm for about 15-45 seconds and some planks before i begin my workout, Also maybe replace one of the iso exercises with a couple sets of weighted swiss ball cruches?
Do you think this would be adequate, more or less etc?

Cheers in advance guys