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Lower Back Pain?

Hey guys, a little background:

I’ve been training T-Nation style for about a year, made decent gains (~10 pounds over a year). As part of my routine, I of course am deadlifting. I’ve previously done 10x3 of deadlifts w/335.

Today I went in to do a 6x3 on deadlift to get ready for my next cycle. On the 3rd rep of the 5th set, I hear a little snap sound and feel something in my lower back.

It’s a relatively small, it doesn’t have me in agony or anything, but it does hurt when I round excessively.

Anybody know what this is? Any suggestions for treatment?

Thanks guys

ok coming from experience, I can tell you now, STOP TRAINING, AND GO SEE A DOCTOR FOR IMMEDIATE MRI’S/CATSCANS.

This happened to me, I had a bulging disc (didn’t know though) and rested a couple days, then went back to the gym… After a month, I just couldn’t go back to the gym and found out I herniated my L4-L5. For the time being ice it a little, take some muscle relaxers, then go see the doctor, annd tell him/her its nothing light and I need to get scans for percautions.

Yeah, any time you actually hear a snap in your back followed by pain, it’s probably worth checking out. No one is going to give you an accurate diagnosis over the web. The back is pretty complicated, and it could be any number of things. It’s very possible that it is something very mild, but why risk it?