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Lower Back Pain

I?ve been having some lower back pain for the past 2 months. It feels as though my low back is sprained. After I ?sprain? it, it hurts like hell when I bend, even slightly.

This injury first occurred while doing deadlifts, and the pain lasted for about 2 days then left. I worked out pain free for about 2 weeks after that, and then proceeded to injure my low back again, this time doing squats. So I gave up both DL?s and squats. I keep pulling it though. Whether its doing t-bar rows with a belt, abb crunches, even sitting with somewhat bad posture can cause me some major pain.

I?m going to my family doctor this week to see what she recommends. Probably something along the lines of ?stop exercising?, something I don?t really want to do.

Just wondering if anyone here has had similar experiences and what they did to fully recover.

Does the pain run down your leg or does it stay in your back?

I had what I would rather call ache than pain that got aggravated with certain movement or exercises.
Not sure we have the same thing here, but I train my lower abdomen and the glutes and it is feeling better every day.

[quote]Chunk061 wrote:
Does the pain run down your leg or does it stay in your back?[/quote]

At times, pain will run down my right leg.

[quote]ti-83 wrote:
Chunk061 wrote:
Does the pain run down your leg or does it stay in your back?

At times, pain will run down my right leg.

I’m sure when you go to the doctor he will tell you something completly different than what I am going to say but I am just talking from my experience.

Any time there is severe pain in the back and it starts shooting down a leg it involves the sciatic nerve. Most likely a disc is bulging and pushing on the nerve causing pain. At least that was the case with me.

First, I stopped all exercises that made my back hurt, doesn’t matter if it was squat or push press, if it hurt I stopped doing it. Second, I stretched very lightly twice a day, didn’t sleep on my stomach, and also tried to keep proper posture throughout the day. The last and most important thing I did was strengthen my abs.

In my case the pain in my back was caused by an imbalance between strong back muscles and my weak abs. As I Strengthened my abs and hip flexors the pain eventually started to, slowly but surely, diminish. My last piece of advice is to be extremely patient with your back.

Chunk061, yea, I think whats causing it is anything that works my legs or lower back. I cant do squats or leg press, but lunges are ok. Thing is, i get pain AFTER i did lunges, so maybe when i use those muscles, its a no no for now

I have a similar tightness/pain in my back. It has recently gotten worse since I have started squatting and DL more. I believe that it is a tightness in the hamstrings and in return puts a strain in the lower back.

try this…place one foot on something a little higher than hip level (a counter top) then grab the toe area of that foot and at the same time try and place your chin on your chest. If while doing so you feel the pain in your back and legs than I would say that is the source of the problem. GOOD LUCK!!

Stretching your hip flexors, decreasing hamstring stiffness and increasing glute activation are pretty much always good ideas.