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Lower Back Pain?

Hey guys, I’ve got this lower back pain for about a week and a half.

I took half a week off once the pain went away, then it came back again.

It’s not any muscle groups its my actualy spine I guess. Like if I press on the spot that hurts I can feel it, and thats it.

I can bend over fairly easy but can still feel it very little though.

On a scale of 1-10 I’d rate the pain as of now like a 4-5.

I dunno if I should not lift for another week or not?

I did do an upper body day today and my back didn’t bother me at all.

I also talked to my weight lifting coach who lifts with me, he said that I was probly just stressing it, my powerclean form isn’t that great and I sort of jump off the ground when I bring the weight up. He said that when I come back onto the ground that that puts alot of stress/pressure on my lower back where it hurts at.

So I’m going to focus on my powerclean form more.

What do you guys suggest, I slept on the floor in my room and that seemed to work ALOT.

Also the pain dosnt affect me when I walk up stairs or run at all.

Can I still lift and not mess my back up
Or should I take some time off.



i had lower back pain that sounds pretty similiar to yours about three weeks ago. i hurt it deadlifting. it was low and it was slightly to the left of my spine. i hurt when i would bend forward to keep my head over the sink to brush my teeth, and little annoying things like that. i took a week and a half off and now im back to normal. you might want to get it checked out if it hurts for too long though.

My favorite subject. You are having back pain because you are stressing something there and your muscles are inflamed and tight, trying to support the spot needing attention.

Back off for a bit, then tri it again. The minute the pain starts into your butt, you now have a disc herniation. From there it pinches off nerves into your legs.

Listen to your body.

Thanks alot guys, I’m ganna take the rest of the week off and see how I feel next monday.

Appreciate it!


[quote]xb100 wrote:
Thanks alot guys, I’m ganna take the rest of the week off and see how I feel next monday.

Appreciate it!


Also whoever told you to sleep on the floor was dead on.

Ya I plan on sleeping on the floor tonight as well.

[quote]xb100 wrote:
Ya I plan on sleeping on the floor tonight as well.

oh yeah, when i would sleep, the floor felt really good. i also propped my legs up: my hams were perpendicular to the ground, bent at the knees perpendicular to my hams (parallel to the ground) and my calves and feet were on my trunk locker.

i dont know if this is good for you or not, im sure someone out there knows, but it felt really good

A diagnosis cannot be given over the internet.

While well meaning and definatly trying to be helpful giving out medical advice when not qualified can be dangerous.

I am sure you may get some different ideas from the responses to your questions but do to the variables in your actual condition, may I suggest you see a physician?

If you see your Dr. intialy keep in mind that x-rays only show bone abnormalities and soft tissue can only be evaluated via MRI, ultrasound etc. (For ruptured discs, tears etc.)

Good luck to you, I hope you have a positive out come. From what you described I have a tendency to beleive it is not serious but would none the less have it properly evaluated.